Author Guidelines

Preparing the post

Plain language summary. Up to 500 words long text in plain English. Please, use the Plain language summary template (MS Word) to prepare the text. While writing the post, you need to get rid of field-specific terms (jargon) and words which may have a different meaning to non-scientists. Also, try to explain your research without expecting that the reader is familiar with a specific context of your field. Explain what you did, what you found and why it matters, but remember not to overstate or overblow your results. Choose one or two photographs or figures which well summarise or illustrate your study, and don’t forget to include image captions (containing also the name of the photo author if applicable). Such a summary, if short and informative and shared by social media, may attract the attention of a wider audience than the scientific abstract of your paper.

Behind the paper. A longer text, written more like an essay. Please use the Behind the paper template (MS Word) template to prepare the post. You are welcome to include personal opinions and insights, stories from the fieldwork and even speculations if these are labelled as such. Select interesting photographs or figures which illustrate your research and which are not included in the original paper, and include a short caption (include the name or source of the photograph if applicable). You can insert images into the Word document, but make sure that you also append the original image files in high resolution to the submission email. Be personal, include alternative explanations or caveats of the research. Such a post could be an excellent opportunity to stir less formal discussion about results or background of your study. The length is not limited, but shorter contributions are more likely to be read in full extent.

Video summary. Up to 15 minutes long video recordings, stored in some of the common video formats. This can be done simply by using your computer with a microphone (and optionally also web camera if you wish to record also your face in some stage of the presentation to add the presentation a personal feeling), and you need to install dedicated software for screen recording (both free and paid versions do exist; consider e.g. When you submit the video file, we will upload to the dedicated video hosting platform ( The blog editor will be happy to assist you with preparation and technical advice on how to do that.

Submitting the post

Prepare the draft of a post using the appropriate MS Word template (provided above) and sent it to the blog editors at Include also the original files with photographs or figures (if possible in high or at least HD resolution). The video file can be sent directly if the file size permits (< 10 MB), or via some online storage service (e.g. Feel free to contact the editors at for more details or assistance.