Types of blog posts

If you are the author of a recently accepted paper to the Journal of Vegetation Science or Applied Vegetation Science, you are very welcome to prepare a blog post about your paper.

You may choose one (or even more than one) of the following post types (see Author Guidelines for details):

  • Plain Language Summary – a short (up to 500 words) summary written in plain English, describing your research in everyday language which is understandable also to the non-research audience and including 1-2 illustrative photographs or figures.
  • Behind the Paper – a longer post describing what was happening behind the scenes of your research, possibly written in a rather informal way, and including several photographs or figures.
  • Video summary – if you have prepared the presentation of your research (for a past or future conference meeting, university seminar, working group meeting), you may record a short (up to 10-15 minutes) commented video with the slide presentation.
  • Linking to elsewhere – if you already wrote a post about your paper for another blog or media, we may publish a short announcement (with photograph or figure) advertising the paper and including the link to that post.

Other types of contributions in our blog include:

  • Guest post – invited posts focused on interesting or trending topics in vegetation ecology.
  • Interview with the author(s) – personal or online interview with authors of recently accepted papers about their research.
  • News from Editors – short announcements, written by journal chief-editors or blog editors and usually related to newly published journal issues, remarkable papers, awards, or updates in journal or blog policies.